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Actor on the rise August Maturo has quickly become one of the most-watched talents in young Hollywood today. Maturo may be best known for his starring role on the hit Disney Channel Original Series GIRL MEETS WORLD (2014-2017).  Switching gears, Maturo then starred in the horror films THE NUN (2018) and most recently, SLAPFACE (2021). Additional credits for Maturo include; TEACHERS (2017), WEEDS (2012), BONES (2014), and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (2012).  

A cause that is important to Maturo is spreading awareness and promoting the importance of creating an action plan for children and adults who are affected by life-threatening food allergies, something that has challenged Maturo and his family since he was three years old. Maturo currently lives in the LA area with his mom, dad, and brother.



One of Israel’s most acclaimed actresses, Ayelet Zurer won the Israeli Film Academy Award for her starring role as the title character in NINA’S TRAGEDIES (2003). She also won two Israeli Television Academy Awards for Best Actress: one for IN TREATMENT (later adapted by HBO), and for B’NEI ARUBA (adapted by CBS into HOSTAGES). Zurer has won acclaim for her role as Elisheva in the Netflix hit TV show SHTISEL. Her new show, LOSING ALICE, is a psychological thriller picked up by Apple TV+. 


Ayelet Zurer's other work includes; MUNICH (2005), ANGELS AND DEMONS (2009), DAREDEVIL (2015-2018), and MAN OF STEEL (2013). Zurer illustrated two adult books Shorts  (short stories by Paulo Coelho) and the bestseller Badolina by Gabi Nitazn. In 2018 She published her book As of Now, which she wrote and illustrated.

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Ken Duken began working in front of the camera at the age of 18. Without ever attending drama school he was still able to be coached by the best teacher you can imagine, his mother, the renowned German actress Christina Loeb. To date, Ken has played over 90 leading and supporting roles in both cinema and TV productions in Germany and abroad. He never sought the fast track to success, instead he chose roles and projects which he considered to be of interest and suited him best. 

Quality is a very important factor to Ken. Given the many Awards he has acquired during his career, it is an attribute both the public and the critics seem to appreciate. Ken lives a secluded life with his family in Berlin and also works as a freelance producer and director. Ken’s credits include COUNTERPART (2018-2019), PERFUME (2018), INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (2009), and MAX MANUS: MAN OF WAR (2008).

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