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Lynn Roth

Writer, Director, and Producer

SHEPHERD is written and directed by the Emmy-nominated filmmaker Lynn Roth. Lynn also directed the award-winning feature film A LITTLE TRAITOR based on another famed Israeli novel The Panther in the Basement by Amos Oz, which starred Alfred Molina. Executive Producer for THE PAPER CHASE, Lynn has the distinction of being the first female showrunner for a dramatic television series.

Zvi Howard Rosenman


SHEPHERD is produced by Zvi Howard Rosenman, the producer of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, FATHER OF THE BRIDE, THE MAIN EVENT, A STRANGER AMONG US, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and the Oscar-winning COMMON THREADS. Among many other films, Howard produced the award-winning documentary CELLULOID CLOSET, PARAGRAPH 175, SPARKLE (the original film and the 2012 remake starring Whitney Houston), JOHN FROM CINCINNATI for HBO, FAMILY MAN, and YOU KILL ME.




From the moment I read the Israeli novel, "A Jewish Dog" by Asher Kravitz,  I knew that it would be my mission to make this movie.  To take this unique premise……the trajectory of a dog during the Holocaust and make it a film that would be appropriate for the entire family.  A film which parents and grandparents could view with their children and together they could learn or be reminded of a time in history that must not be forgotten.  

This film is subtly shown through the eyes of a dog. No gimmicks of a talking dog but rather a sensibility—an instinctual reaction to what his going on around him.  A dog, who has the same plight as Jews in the 1930’s, listed on “verboten” signs, forbidden to enter certain places, judged for pure-bred status  and bewildered as to why he is cast out of a loving home.

This film embodies the two aspects of life which continue to confound me the most:  the fascinating quality of dogs—what goes on in these creatures minds and how they provide so much love and companionship to the human species…..and how the world tolerated “animals” who came to power in Germany and Austria and almost destroyed an entire people. 

PRODUCERS: Lynn Roth, Zvi Howard Rosenman, Craig Berenson, J. Todd Harris

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Albert Dadon, Adam Margules, Victoria Sokolova, Estie Brawer, Sharon Azrieli, Gabor Ferenczy, Katalin Fonyó

CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kent Robert Gibbons, Shalom & Iris Maidenbaum, Eli Verschleiser, Mindy Mitzner, Robert Rothenberg, Rachell Maidenbaum Gober

CO PRODUCERS: Maha Maturo, Gil Goldschein, Matti Leshem, Clive Gillinson, Marjorie B. Roswell, Sasha Yelaun, Christian Filippella, Todd Shotz

Focus Fox Studio

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 3.54.40 PM.png

Focus-Fox Studio was established in 1994 and for many years it was the only advanced digital studio in Hungary. In accordance with the global evolution of picture post production, the company has been using the most up-to-date equipment for video and film post.

In 2001, Focus-Fox signed a contract with Kodak Ltd to run Kodak Cinelabs Hungary at its headquarters. This allows Focus-Fox to offer every element needed for modern post-production: film, audio and video with an English-speaking, experienced team.

Focus-Fox has worked with high-profile clients on projects including: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, John Adams, Hellboy 2 and many more.     

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Legal Representation

Breechen, Feldman, Breimer, Silver & Thompson, LLP

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