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From the moment I read the Israeli novel, "A Jewish Dog" by Asher Kravitz,  I knew that it would be my mission to make this movie.  To take this unique premise……the trajectory of a dog during the Holocaust and make it a film that would be appropriate for the entire family.  A film which parents and grandparents could view with their children and together they could learn or be reminded of a time in history that must not be forgotten.  


This film is subtly shown through the eyes of a dog. No gimmicks of a talking dog but rather a sensibility—an instinctual reaction to what his going on around him.  A dog, who has the same plight as Jews in the 1930’s, listed on “verboten” signs, forbidden to enter certain places, judged for pure-bred status  and bewildered as to why he is cast out of a loving home.


This film embodies the two aspects of life which continue to confound me the most:  the fascinating quality of dogs—what goes on in these creatures minds and how they provide so much love and companionship to the human species…..and how the world tolerated “animals” who came to power in Germany and Austria and almost destroyed an entire people. 

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