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Shalom Life

Writer, Director, and Producer Lynn Roth spoke to Shalom Life about Shepherd. Shalom Life's mission is to share, discuss, and inspire their readers with stories about Jewish culture and life.



Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, wrote a great article about Shepherd Producer, Zvi Howard Rosenman.  Mr. Rosenman was recently visiting Israel to speak about producing films. He also spoke about Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog which is based on an Israeli novel by Asher Kravitz and has received support from the Israel Film Fund.  Read more on (subscribers)

LifeBites Radio

LifeBites Radio recently invited Shepherd Director Lynn Roth to be a guest on a show about getting passion projects off the ground.

Lynn spoke with radio personality, Nina Boski, about Shepherd and why it's such an important movie to make. Download the interview at LifeBites.

"Subject Matter Matters" on The Hollywood Journal

Check out this fantastic article by Lynn Roth on

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