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SHEPHERD is a film for the whole family. And you can be a part of the moviemaking magic!


Lynn and the producers are committed to making a captivating, compelling family film. And we have not only a story, but a cause. We seek to both entertain and educate a new generation.


We are a group of highly accomplished filmmakers who have decided to make this film independently. By working outside of the studio system, with wonderful supporters like you, we can maintain the integrity of this important story. We have been able to seek alternative avenues for financing and partnerships. SHEPHERD has been already been funded in part by the Israel Film Fund and private investors.


The subject matter of SHEPHERD has garnered the interest of non-profit animal groups, supporters of Jewish and holocaust education, as well as film fans. It is important for us to have a dialogue with, and to encourage participation of, these non-profit groups, something we would be unable to do through other financing methods.


If you'd like to participate in the making of SHEPHERD, please contact Flying Monkeys Entertainment. Or you can reach us at

Flying Monkeys Entertainment

9701 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1000

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


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